Internet Email Traffic Emergency: Spam "Bounce" Messages are Compromising Networks.
By the IronPort Threat Operations Center


Bounce messages are undeliverable email messages that are returned to their sender. When a receiving mail server gets a message with an undeliverable address, it will generate a new message back to the purported sender—notifying them that "the email you tried to send was undeliverable". This email notification is often referred to as a "bounce" message. When a spammer is sending out ten million spam messages per day, 20 percent or more will bounce because of invalid addresses. Since the spammers don't want to deal with two million incoming bounce messages, they typically forge the return address and the bounces become "misdirected" or returned to an innocent third party that had nothing to do with the spam in the first place.

The IronPort Threat Operations Center has the ability to measure global email traffic patterns using IronPort's SenderBase® traffic monitoring network. This network samples an astounding 25 percent of the world's email, providing unique insight into trends.

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